Frequently Asked Questions
Does it matter what hospital I am using?
New Joy students have given birth at all the hospitals in the Tulsa area. Information about each hospital’s policies is included in the curriculum.
Do I need a labor partner to attend classes?
It’s best to bring a person who will accompany you through labor and birth. If you’re married, your spouse may be the partner you choose. If you’re not, you can bring a relative, friend or other labor companion - anyone who wants to help you have a positive birth. Although it’s helpful to have someone with you, you can come alone.
What about medications?
New Joy prepares you to make choices you will feel comfortable with. Many New Joy students find they don’t need to use medications because the techniques they learn in class are all they need. However, you’ll learn about the benefits and risks of all hospital procedures and medications so that you can approach birth with confidence and decide what’s best for you.
Is New Joy affiliated with any particular church?
No. The classes are non-denominational. Christians from many different churches have felt accepted and their spirits have been uplifted by attending New Joy classes.
“A heart at peace gives life to the body.” 
                         Proverbs 14:30